Things To Do

Music Concerts

The UK is famous for its plethora of music concerts and festivals every year.  From Glastonbury to Boardmasters or a local jazz festival to an acoustic set in the local pub, Vibe Leisure simply has the most comprehensive database to sit all tastes.  Every year we wait with baited breath to discover whether we have got tickets to some of the biggest festivals of the year but quite often under our noses, are quality, local musicians with a varying genre of music to appeal to a vast array of people.  Vibe Leisure has worked hard to help promote not only the biggest events in the UK calendar but the day to day live sets or concerts that are accessible within the various towns and cities across the country.  Simply choose your location, search for music concerts from the drop down menu's and discover quality music acts, concerts or festivals near you.

Stag Weekends

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Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is of rapidly increasing popularity with a vast variety of exciting tracks and trails opening across the UK every year.  From novices to experts, the UK has some of the very best Mountain Biking trails in the world and Vibe Leisure can help you to locate a venue near you.  Millions of pounds over the past 5 years, designing and installing challenging trails within woodland venues for use year round and many venues have the availability of mountain bikes for hire to save you from worrying about transportation.  At Vibe Leisure, we love Mountain Biking, particularly as it allows you to get out in the fresh air, offers a full body work out coupled with the adrenalin of fast paced down hill trails and challenging uphill climbs.  Don't delay, find your nearest Mountain Biking venue today for what guarantees to be fun for all the family whatever the weather.  Simply choose your location and select Mountain Biking from the Sports or Leisure menu and before you know it, you will be enjoying a day on two wheels!


There is no doubt that climbing cliff's, negotiating your way through caves and jumping off rock face's is dangerous but don't let that put you off trying out Coasteering.  In a controlled environment using the best instructors possible, Coasteering is an adrenalin fuelled way to get outdoors and get active.  Coasteering is usually led by at least two qualified instructors who know the area and its dangers.  A session will last anywhere from an hour to four hours depending on the local area and the terrain and can require a degree of physical fitness and stamina.  When considering trying out Coasteering, you should always choose reputable companies with Public Liability Insurance as well as all the health and safety clothing from wetsuits and life jackets to helmets.  Aside from the dangers of such an activity, Coasteering proves to be a fun, challenging, rewarding and adrenalin fuelled, available within some of the UK's most prominent locations.